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Ebany Angel


To all my amazing clients and followers...

As you may already know 2022 has been a huge change for me, i sold my house and moved further south to follow my dream of living off grid and going tiny!!!

with this huge change in my personal life, it has also brought on new changes in my professional life.. as i'm now only available for work on the GC once per week...

however, i have now found myself overwhelmed with a growing waitlist but absolutely no space to fulfil the requests that are coming in

​and for this reason, i have decided to no longer tattoo customised pieces

i will now only be tattooing my own 'flash' designs and concepts... which is very exciting for me, as i know each piece that i design and make available, will be something that i'll be excited to tattoo each week

i do understand that this change may disappoint some of you, particularly those that have been on my waitlist.. unfortunately there's only one of me and i just can't do it all... ultimately i always prefer to tattoo my own designs..

 so to live a happier simpler life, one must follow a happier and simpler path ☺️

all confirmed bookings currently in my diary won't change.. and the same for all unfinished projects i'm currently working on... this change is for all new enquiries coming in from now on

as always, i'm happy to recommend other artists for those wanting small or customised pieces and ofcourse, if you have any questions feel free to email me anytime

im so grateful for all that has followed my journey so far and those that continually support my work.. 

ill be dropping fresh new available designs each month… so keep an eye out on my social media and/or my ‘available designs’ page on my website

So. My waitlist is now closed… if you’d like to book one of my available designs, check out my ‘available designs’ page and fill out the form

i look forward in spending more time creating pieces i love, for you to love!!

Ebany 💕